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Hi, I’m Katy!

I hope you like your VimHue Cap or will get a chance to try it soon!🧢

Years back, I started VimHue because I simply could not find a proper fitting cap. as an outdoor sports enthusiast that posed an issue. I searched high and low and was always disappointed with the results.

I began to think us ladies were merely an afterthought in the male-dominated cap market! And that didn’t settle well😲 So my mission was clear... I would need to completely re-engineer a cap for women😉

My mission quickly turned to an obsession - I started reviewing statistical data on female skull sizes and conducting market research. I bought a sewing machine to make my own patterns and attachments, filed for patents and found quality fair labor manufacturing.

The farther I got, the more determined I became because I could see other women felt the same void in this market space. Somewhere along the way- I quit my day job as an Optometrist because there simply weren’t enough hours in the day!

Years have passed and Team VimHue is still in hot pursuit of delivering proper female fit, form and function and including all women in the cap market!


Katy CRAFT LIM, Owner/Founder

Brand DNA


We pursue excellence.

Passion & Feminist Engagement

We are driven to create a product specific to women and their needs. Engineered to Empower!  


We listen and interact to successfully build relationships.


We build a collaborative team to achieve our mission.

Buzz Corner

Perfect for the upcoming spring and summer sun! This floppy hat answers all my pony tail issues and also fits my small head perfectly!


The customer service experience was amazing. I had inadvertently ordered the wrong color based on a mis-tagged hat I had seen in person in a store. They looked up the stock that store had ordered, identified the correct color and happily exchanged the hat for me with great promptness. The hat is wonderful but the great customer service is what put this store on my "would definitely recommend" list. And I do love the hat.


It FITS!!!! I have a tiny head, thin hair, sensitive skin. I was able to adjust the baseball cap perfectly, my skinny ponytail slips through the openings and stays put. Love the pink color.


These are the best hats ever! I originally bought one a few years back and still use it often, so I ordered some more in new colors. Excellent for running!


Gifted for my mom for fishing, hiking, etc. After I got one for myself and bestie. Wish I had gotten them years ago


Our Philosophy

We are VimHue and we are here to change the female cap market. The future in female headwear is here and engineered by women for women. Our published patent designs offers women and girls: stylish, moisture wicking, sun-protective, fitted athletic caps. We’ve created the first and only cap that is built to adjust to the wearer’s variable hairstyles. Every detail of our caps are specifically purposed for the female athlete. Our goal is to keep her cool, comfortable, and confident along her journey. VimHue represents an evolution in female athletic gear.

VimHue is passionately driven to innovate quality products that empower and inspire women in their daily lives. We believe that every woman deserves an equal opportunity in any given situation for the betterment of human life and society.

Our pledge is to always give unwavering support to gender equality. We stand united with our peers in seeking equality in all aspects of society from the gender wage gap, under-representation in leadership, women's health and work-life balance issues. We believe women can and should have it all. We have and will continue to align and donate to charities that share our common mission.


difference between sun goddess and X-Boyfriend design

The fit is exactly the same between the two styles, Sun Goddess (SG) and X-Boyfriend (XB). 

The functional difference is SG allows you to adjust only one strap on the back with the velcro, XB allows you to adjust all 3 straps! The velcro materials we chose to use is non-tangly, so your hair will not get caught and stuck in it.

Sun Goddess allows to wear your ponytail/bun at ANY height (low, high, anywhere in-between) as the ring is movable. It is easier to put on because of that function, you never have to think of how to fit your pony in the hat as the hat adjusts to you! XB allows only for high or low pony/bun locations. 

All in all, both designs are just a personal preference! In most cases ladies chose what they think looks best/more appealing to them. Sun Goddess has proven to be our best-selling design 🙂

different sizing options

Our ladies cap size is 57cm and it fits bout 90-95% of women. We use a custom pattern specifically made for women so the fit may be different than caps you have tried in the past.

Our Girls collection is available in circumference sizes of 53cm and fits girls of approximate ages 0-9. You can find Girls Collection here.

We also have a tuck-in strap caps available in ladies size (57cm) in our best-selling colors black, white, hot pink and navy. ALL prints and certain special collections come in with the tuck-in strap as a default style. It allows for tighter fit around the circumference.

We also offer sz 55-56cm caps (White Sun goddess sz 55cm and Black X-Boyfriend sz 56cm) with smaller circumference + shorter ear-to-ear distance in case the youth hats are too small/short on the sides and ladies' regular hats just do not fit quite right :)

For bigger/deeper fit, please see our best-selling Black, X-boyfriend cap available in sz 58cm here.

If you have questions please contact us for guided assistance at .

How to wash vimhue products?

We commend washing your baseball caps and bucket hats with a regular laundry using gentle cycle and regular detergent. Hang to dry.

Visors must be spot treated. Hang to dry.

How do I start return?

We accept returns within 14 days of delivery. You can send it back to:

VimHue Returns
23416 South 182nd Street
Gilbert, AZ 85298

When you ship return out please send us the tracking number and we can process your return. Please add your name and order number in the package when you send it back.

Please refer to our shipping & returns policy or reach out to us at if you have further questions.

can i become a retailer?

We would love to help you set-up a wholesale or corporate account. Please email our HQ team with any inquires at or submit this form online.

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