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The Difference Between the X-Boyfriend Cap and The Sun Goddess Hat


Have you ever wondered why baseball caps seem so ill-fitted for women’s needs? It’s because many of them aren’t made with women in mind. However, at Vimhue, you’ll never run into that problem again! Our two popular base designs, the X-Boyfriend, and the Sun Goddess have a few differences, and they’re designed to keep ladies like you comfortable and stylish during exercise!

Sun Rise and Sun Set For Ponytails and Buns

The Sun Goddess Hat is designed with a circular ring on the back, which is held in place by elastic ‘beams’, which allow the ring to be moved up or down. Moving the ring up, ‘sun rise’, allows for a space in the back for a low bun or ponytail. Moving the ring down, ‘sun set’, allows for a high ponytail or bun!

Goddess-Like Support

One of the great things about the elastic ‘beams’ of our Sun Goddess design is that they provide gentle yet reliable support for your hair, keeping your ponytail or bun in place during your athletic activities. With this extra support, you never have to worry about loose hair getting in your face or making your hat slip!

Put Your X Behind You

Alternatively, our X-Boyfriend Cap provides all the support you wish you’d gotten from real exes! With the two low-profile, elastic bands in the back, this hat can also adjust to provide space for a preferred ponytail placement. The X-shape of the bands helps to hold everything in place while also being adjustable.

Adjustable For The Perfect Fit

The best feature of the X-Boyfriend Cap is that it can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly! Whether you have voluminous hair and need extra space in your hat or you have a petite structure and need a smaller hat, this one is perfect for you. 

Learn more about our hats and shop the wide selection of colors and designs today! 


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